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Good teams make great organizations. Quantum has always worked on this philosophy. Owing to this idea it has grown in stature and eminence as an institution of prestige.

To this end we provide an academic environment, which stimulates creativity and academic vigor. We encourage innovation and warrant the freedom to push the boundaries of genius. Our academic vision is thrives on a strict and unassailable code of professional ethics. This has bolstered academic excellence and new visions of education.

The University is committed to a culture of diversity and collaboration. Faculty Development is a critical element of our investment in productive and innovative faculty. We promote sustainability of academic career by fostering scholars at all stages of learning.

A team of eminent educationists governs Quantum University. Under the nurture of these accomplished scholars we aim to pool the best talent and let it grow. We welcome individuals who are highly ambitious and wish to excel as academicians. Every team member at Quantum contributes to the growth of an exceptional University.

If you are committed to excellence this is an opportunity of a lifetime.


Search and apply for open positions that you deem fit for your profile and career goals in the online form given below. And we will get back to you once we have the matching position with us.


Once an online application is received, the Quantum University Selection Committee will review your information.


The HR Team will contact the shortlisted candidates via phone or e-mail to convey their interview schedule (date, time and venue).


The hiring process may involve a series of interviews with different members of the Selection Team. The core of the interview process focuses on discussing your background, skills and accomplishments. All Interviews will be conducted in person.


The feedback of the interview process will be communicated to the selected candidates via phone call or e-mail.

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